October 10, 2019
DIVINE SERVICE: Pastor David will be the speaker this Sabbath, October 12.  Special Feature: Child Impact. 
VESPERS: Dr. Sanjeevan Arsud, Vice Chancellor, Spicer Adventist University will be the speaker this Friday October 11. Vespers begins at 7:30 p.m. 
HERNDON CHURCH: SASDAC Youth Sabbath School Class will be presenting program this Sabbath, October 12.
BAPTISMAL SERVICE: There will be a baptismal service this Sabbath, October 12.
BENEFIT CONCERT: Jaime Jorge, a world-renowned violinist, will be in concert this Saturday, October 12 at 4 p.m. in the sanctuary. Invite your family and friends. 
CHURCH BOARD AND PRE-NOMINATING COMMITTEE will meet this Saturday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Room.
COLLEGIATE WEEKEND is next weekend, October 18-19. Our collegiate members will be presenting the program. Come and be blessed!
CHILDREN’S MUSIC RECITAL & YOUTH CONCERT will be on Saturday, October 19 at 4:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. Registration is required. Deadline to submit registration form is October 14.  
ISRAEL AND EGYPT TOUR 2020: The tour dates are March 17-30, 2020. We have a few more seats available. If interested, please contact the church office.  
When I started my ministry in this community with very few people, I was trying various methods of growing this congregation. One such method was that when I visited families in their homes, I would ask for the birthday of everyone in the home. I would write it in my diary and send birthday cards on their birthday and hand write a note assuring them that I was praying for them on their birthday. Most of them enjoyed receiving good wishes and some would even say that it has been a long time since they received a handwritten note from anyone and it feels good to receive one from you. As the church grew, responsibilities increased, and my visitation duties were passed on to associates who joined the team.  I do remember telling them when they go visiting they should please get the birthdates of new members and pass it on to me. But they are young, modern pastors who may have felt that it was not needed as we can send birthday wishes instantly on the internet these days.  I do hope they are doing so. Technology has taken over and we instantly communicate via email, fax, text, WhatsApp, etc. A few years ago, I refinanced my house and even though the company was in Maryland, they kept sending me papers via the postal system. Last month, I refinanced again as interest rates are falling, and this time the company was in Pennsylvania but all the documents were signed over the internet by There was no need for the postal system and it seems like the only mail we get through the postal system is junk mail. Today is World Postal Day. The oldest official mail sent dates back to 225 B. C. from Egypt. The organized postal system came into existence in 550 B. C. in Persia under King Cyrus. The art of letter writing is vanishing in the modern world. My mom mastered this art and I used to love getting letters from her while I was in boarding schools. She would use every corner of the “inland letter” (I don’t think the modern generation has a clue as to what an inland letter or an aerogram is) and flip it and fill every space. The letters of Pandit Nehru from prison to his daughter, Indira Gandhi, are classics. Emails, though swift and timely, have actually destroyed the art of letter writing. On this World Postal Day, why not express gratitude to our postal carriers who in snow, rain and sunshine bring our mail to our door. It just dawned on me that to this day, I have not learned the name of the letter carrier to my home or my office and I am determined to do so in the next few days and express my gratitude in words and in kind. It is a tough job that our postal carriers do. One of my former members was a letter carrier and he told me of his many challenges and the miles he had to walk every day carrying that huge bag of mail. One incident he narrated was about a dog that came charging at him and he immediately took the pepper spray and emptied it on its face. The dog was rolling on the ground and his master was angry and shouted at the mail carrier, “My dog doesn’t bite and you hurt him badly, to which he replied: “You know that, but I don’t know that.” One of our charter members, Mr. Bobby Stanley, has worked in the US Postal Service or over 30 years. Thank you, Bobby, for your ministry and I invite all my blog readers to say a word of thanks to your Postal Carrier this week.
Shalom, Shalom!
Franklin G. David
“See the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, and think the unthinkable.”