MAY 24, 2023
As youths and young adults prepare for graduation, I think back to my graduations. I am reminded about the classes, teachers, relationships, and events. As I reflect, I am reminded of how I thought my life would be. I was so unsure of the path ahead and I was just trying to keep up with those who seemed to have it all together. It was stressful trying to keep up and attempting to not get behind. Looking back, I realize how there were so many things that I really didn’t need to worry about.
 It’s so hard to see through the fog of anxiety and disbelief during times like these. Even when we align ourselves with God, it may feel like he isn’t there to help us see through the fog, but we know that He is with us through it. He can clearly see the path that is for us, and He offers to take our hand and walk through it with us. As many of us prepare for a summer of graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, let us remember that God is with us in these awesome moments. However, let us also be reminded that in the other moments of the lows, the unsure, and the times of disbelief, God is still with us there. 
We hear this a lot; God is with you. In fact, I think we hear it so much that it loses its weight, and we don’t think about what it truly means. What it means is that when we have moments of achievement, God celebrates with us. But what it also means is that when we feel alone, isolated, and rejected, God feels that pain with us and is there to help us build our way back. What it also means is that when we feel so lost and confused, God is there wanting to show us the way, and even when we make mistakes God can make a beauty out of that mess. 
To those who are coming of age, and looking towards the vast uncertainty of the future, I implore you to lean on God. The upcoming years will test your faith and the truth is, the strength and the grit that it takes to endure those moments is sometimes hard to find. Be strong and courageous, and don’t forget to remember God. The strength that your faith can bring is hard to explain, it’s something I hope everyone gets to experience in their walk with God. A relationship with God will be like any, however, the difference is that God is unwavering, and He is steadfast even when your heart is weak. Be strong and courageous, for you are a child of God. 
Anjali Christian
Youth Minister