November 17, 2021
My Dad often held evangelistic meetings in places he was called to minister. I was one of the little ones who went around advertising his meetings with a poster that often carried the title: “Is Peace Possible?” I don’t remember what he preached because I was in the front sitting on the floor exchanging marbles with other kids and graduated to operating the gramophone as I grew older. Most of you will not know anything about a manually operated Gramophone. Over the years, I often wondered about that title. Is peace really possible in a world filled with turmoil? It was President Woodrow Wilson who established the League of Nations with a hope of bringing about world peace. After World War II, the United Nations was formed to bring about world peace. But we all are aware, it has been generations of just talk and no peace.
Many years ago, children from around the globe collected and donated coins from around the world which were made into a United Nation Peace Bell. The theme and desire was, long live absolute world peace. That bell is rung every year on this day, November 17, World Peace Day. But I wonder if absolute peace is possible in this world? I remember reading somewhere that, at a peace conference, the question was posed: “How can we achieve peace?” Thousands of answers were sent to the organizers. The winning answer had just two words: “Try Jesus.”
Over the years, I have grown to come to this conclusion, peace is not the absence of problems in our lives, rather peace is the presence of the Prince of Peace in our lives. So “Try Jesus.”  Jesus said: “My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you.” So hang on to Jesus, He will come to take us home one day and with Him we can live for eternity in perfect peace.
Franklin G. David
Shalom! Shalom!
“See the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, and think the unthinkable.”