December 28, 2022
Why do we count down to the New Year? I remember as a child I would countdown to Christmas, birthday, and the Olympics. This year I even had a countdown for the Fifa World Cup. Now, as I get older I find myself less enthusiastic about staying up until midnight to celebrate the New Year. A strange new tradition of mine is to turn on the TV in the morning to watch the fireworks over Sydney harbor and countdown with everyone down under.
The New Year holds hope for so many, regardless of how the previous year fared. There’s always something better to look forward to. Whether it’s circumstances that life threw at you or difficulties that you placed yourself in, you always imagine January first will give you a fresh start. New goals and resolutions will be made for the whole year. 
Why do we count down? We count down to hope. Perhaps that’s why God, in the Bible, gave us so many countdowns. We were given a countdown to Jesus’ birth and a countdown to the cleansing of the sanctuary. We’ve even been given signs to alert us to Jesus’ second coming. Some of those signs look scary and frightful, but they intended to give us hope that better times were just around the corner. 
Happy New Year!
Maranatha, the Lord is coming
Gerald Christo
Pastor, Young Adults