February 14, 2020
As a teenager in boarding schools and colleges, I would hide in strategic places looking for my date to arrive to pluck a kiss which was prohibited in our culture. When I got married, every time I left home for work or my wife left for work, we would stand at the door and kiss each other — a practice that we followed for many, many years. I am not sure when or why through our long journey together of nearly 45 years we stopped doing so on a regular basis. My wife, as she kissed me goodbye, would often say: “Judas.” It was probably because we had a misunderstanding earlier, or it was just a joke that children saw and reminded us of many years later. Now that chocolate day and the other special days of Valentine‚Äôs week is over, and we are upon Hug day and Kiss day, today and tomorrow. I hope you will take the time to hug and kiss your loved ones, especially your spouse, not only on valentine days but continue to do so for the rest of the year.  Keep the romance alive in your marriage. This reminds me of a couple who failed to kiss each other goodbye because of a misunderstanding they had the previous evening.  When the wife heard the door shutting and her husband leaving for work, she jumped out of bed, ran to the driveway with her unkempt hair flying in different directions. As his car was pulling out, she banged on the window to the regular plant a kiss on her husband and they called out to each other, “I love you.” Unfortunately, that day, he died in a tragic accident. The wife through days of sorrow consoled herself with thoughts that the last moments together for them was to kiss each other. The origin of a kiss is a mystery and I wonder if Adam and Eve kissed in the garden. The early records of kissing is traced to India and appears in four Vedic Sanskrit texts dated around 1500 BC. A few hundred years later kissing on the lips appears in the epic poem, “Mahabharata.” It is believed that Alexander the Great, after invading India introduced it in the Greek culture, the Romans copied it and much later it was introduced into the Western Culture. Whatever the origin, the practice of kissing not only develops good bonds of love but has numerous health benefits. To name a few, it tightens facial skin and makes you look younger, burns calories and helps one lose weight, it is also a good stress reliever and increases life span, etc., etc. Just research it and you will find many more health benefits. Better still, this being Valentine week with February 12 as Kiss Day, please kiss your spouse as though there is no tomorrow and strengthen the bonds of love that you promised on your wedding day.
Franklin David
Shalom, Shalom!
“See the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, and think the unthinkable.”