July, 2020
We have reached the midpoint of this year! There are 182 days behind us and 183 days ahead of us. My boss would often ask this question, “How is your journey?” Answering that question deep down in my heart, I would feel guilty. For the good that I wanted to do, I did not do and the bad that I did not want to do, I did. Every time, I would join apostle Paul and cry out, “Oh wretched man that I am, who will deliver me?” Thank God! I have Jesus. Before a new year begins, I would take some time to write down my goals and prayer requests for the coming year in various categories, such as Family, Church, personal, etc., etc. One such request on my list was “Lord, let 2020 be a record setting year.” The desire was to have the church mortgage of 1.8 million dollars paid off with project 2020, be debt free, and dedicate our church. I know God can do all things but my faith has become weak and I have started praying, “Lord help us finish the year on a positive note by paying all our bills on time.” At the end of every year, whenever we had excess income, we would pay about $100,000 or so towards our principal. This year, I don’t know for what reason, I was very reluctant to pay any excess money towards the principal even though our dynamic fundraising committee chair, Dr. Helen Wilson and I argued much on this matter. How handy that excess income has come in during this pandemic when giving has dropped considerably. What a year this has been! Who would have ever thought we will be where we are now, without even being able to worship and fellowship as usual. The future also seems so uncertain, with the possibilities of 100,000 Coronavirus cases every day in our country alone. But in the midst of such uncertainties, may we continue to praise and thank God for bringing us safely to this midpoint.  Let us continue to storm heaven, for He holds the future in the palm of His hands, and nothing can happen to us that will not pass through His fingers.  Let us be hopeful and thankful for the God who has been with us, and will continue to lead us through this wilderness journey. By the way, today is National Postal Workers Day, so would you please take some time to thank your postal carrier and, if possible, even leave a tip. I am going to leave a tip in the mailbox as soon as I finish this blog. Postal carriers work diligently delivering our mail in the sun, storm, snow, six days a week. Thank them, please!
Franklin David
Shalom, Shalom!
“See the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, and think the unthinkable.”