Rent Our Facility

Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church Usage Packet

 Thank you for considering our church for your event. We hope that it will provide the perfect setting for your special day. Please work with us to take good care of it during your time here by abiding by the guidelines explained in this packet. May God bless you today and everyday!

–The Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church


 The Sanctuary

 These rules and regulations cover the specific use of the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a dedicated House of God, that is, a facility set apart for holy religious use. It is a place of religious celebration as well as contemplative meditation. It is a haven for spiritual activities and worship in an ever-increasing spiritual world. Towards these ends, it is provided and protected. The following regulations apply at all times.

  1. All music used in the sanctuary, whether vocal or instrumental must be of a religious nature.
  1. Wedding rehearsals held on Saturday evening, must begin AFTER sunset. 
  1. Any rearranging of sanctuary furniture or fixtures is not allowed without prior approval of, and assistance by: a member of the pastoral staff, head deacon, or facility supervisor. Organ should not be moved under any circumstances. 
  1. Food and drink are not permitted in the sanctuary and upper level except for Holy Communion.
  1. Counsel should be given to all sanctuary ushers, including members of the wedding party, regarding language used while in the sanctuary. Coarse jokes or swearwords are inappropriate at all times.
  1. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Young children must be instructed that the sanctuary is not a place to run and play. Writing on pews or hymn books is prohibited. A fine will be charged in case of violation.
  1. All issues, concerns, or problems are to be brought to the attention of the pastoral staff and rental coordinator who reserves the right to enforce the policies and terms of contract agreed to by all parties.
  1. Aisle runner is mandatory if flowers petals are used.
 Fellowship Hall/Gymnasium
  1. The fellowship hall (gym) will be opened exactly at your scheduled time. All decorating, set-up, caterer delivery, and caterer clean-up, etc. must take place within the contracted block of time.
  2. The kitchen is for warm-up purposes only. Caterers and other kitchen helpers must use the facilities for the heating of prepared food only. No food preparation/cooking is permitted. Please try to refrain from serving beverages that stain permanently.
  3. Tables and chairs are for indoor use only, and MAY NOT be removed from the hall at any time. Must use table cloth.
  4. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or basketball hoops. Slots are provided on the walls for hanging wire from one wall to another.       Scotch tape is not permitted to be used.
  5. No open flames are permitted in the fellowship hall.       Hurricane globes are allowed provided they are used with a suitable base.
  6. When playing basketball, dunking is prohibited, as the backboards are not shatterproof. Damage and replacement will be the renter’s responsibility.
  7. We provide table and chairs only as part of the usage. The rental party is responsible to bring supplies like: table clothes, cutlery, serving spoons, trash bags, forks, spoons etc.


Rules and Regulations Applicable to Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

  1. All arrangements for set-up and decorating must be cleared with the office coordinator/and church appointed wedding coordinator. No tape, tacks, glue, or nails are to be used when decorating. Please use appropriate adhesives that do not leave behind a residue. Freestanding decorations are preferred.
  2. The church does not provide supplies such as scissors, extension cords, tape, can openers, staplers, etc.
  3. Floor protection must be used when candles are used. An extra clean-up charge will be incurred if wax spillage occurs.
  4. If a contracted rental company needs to make a delivery or pick-up other than on the day of the event, prior arrangements must be made with the office manager. A member of the event party must be present to receive and sign for rental equipment. The church complex does not have storage room for rental equipment. The church is not responsible for setting up or clearing away rental equipment.
  5. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and harmful drugs are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances. Serving of pork and other unclean foods are not permitted.
  6. The church is not liable for items left in the building.
  7. Parking is allowed in the designated area only.
  8. Supervision of children is to be maintained at all times. No one is allowed to circulate through non-rented rooms.
  9. Prior to the date of event, you may schedule an appointment during office hours with the office manager/rentals coordinator for the purpose of allowing florists, caterers, or musicians, etc., to see the facility.
  10. The renter is not allowed to adjust the thermostat to control heating/cooling units. Thermostats are preset and cannot be changed.
  11. All events must conclude at the time stipulated in the contract or an overtime fee will be incurred and invoiced to the renter. Overtime fee payments are expected to be remitted promptly or maybe deducted from the security deposit.
  12. Moving of the furniture is not permitted.

Rental Policies for SASDAC Family Members

Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church members may sponsor the rental of the church facilities for use by members of their immediate family (Father, mother, minor children) within the policy as outlines herein. The rental agreement shall be in the name of the church member, who shall be the party responsible to the church for any and all obligations associated with the rental.

The Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes two categories of family members:

 Immediate Family Members

Parents, grandparents, and unmarried children, shall be defined as immediate family and shall be charged the member rate, when sponsored by a current church member.

Extended Family Members

All other family members to include, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, siblings, and cousins etc., shall be charged a non-member rate, when sponsored by a current church member.


Before signing a contract, it is the responsibility of the user to set up a walk-though meeting with the rental coordinator by contacting the church office

301-879-7222.   Facility tour can be given Monday through Thursday between 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • On the day of the event (before leaving the facility) please sign a check list form provided by the supervisor.  
  • Report any damage to the supervisor.
  • Make sure children are supervised during your event.

Use of Facilities and Seating Capacity

Usage of the facilities shall be for the purposes described below and shall be approved in advance by the rentals coordinator, upon the terms stated herein:

The sanctuary may be rented on any day excluding Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday morning until 1 p.m. (Sanctuary Seating Capacity: 920)

  • The fellowship hall/gym may be rented for a Sabbath lunch or evening function (with all financial and other arrangements made before the Sabbath hours.

(Fellowship Hall Seating Capacity: 500)

* Seating in any portion of our facilities MUST NOT, under any circumstances exceed maximum seating capacity. Extra chairs MUST NOT be moved from other classrooms to create more seating. In planning your event, please note our seating capacity and abide by it.

Set up/Decorating Time

 All set up, decorating, delivery of supplies, equipment, and food shall be done within the renter’s contracted block of time. Any equipment or supplies stored overnight prior to the event has to be approved by the rentals coordinator. SASDAC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken equipment / supplies.


Security Deposit

  • A security deposit of $500 will be charged to all users. This fee is due with your contract and reservation. It will be refunded after 30 days of your event provided the facility is found to be free and clear of damage, and that it is apparent the rental regulations have been followed. Please make check payable to ‘SASDAC.’ Your security deposit is due at the time of your contract signing.
  • If event in question is booked more than 90 days in advance, 50% of the total charge must be paid up front as a deposit. The remaining balance must be paid in full within 90 days of signing the contract and paying the deposit. If event is to take place in less than 90 days from the time of booking facility, the entire charge must be paid in cash.
  • A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of all fees shall be made when the contract is submitted if event is more than 90 days away. Any bank charges to the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church for checks returned due to insufficient funds shall be charged to the renter. In the event that this occurs, all replacement and future installments shall be made with cash or bank certified checks.
  • The balance of all charges shall be paid within 90 days of initial deposit if event in question is to take place more than three months from the contract signing. If the event is to take place in less than three months from the contract signing, the balance in full must be paid up front. Failure to pay off balance within the allotted time period will result in the cancellation of your reservation.
  • Payments shall be made to Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church or SASDAC. 

SASDAC Supervisor and Technician

(Supervisor/Technician fee required in addition to fee for rental of facility)

  • The hourly rate for the services of a SASDAC Supervisor shall be $20/hour per contracted hour of the rental block. This person shall be on site during the event and shall have the authority to enforce the policies of the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • A sound technician shall be assigned for your event. A technician fee of $20/hour is to be paid in addition to the rental fee.
  • Video equipment usage is optional. Charge is $350.00 and a video technician is $20/hour.


 In the event you cancel your reservation before 3 months, a processing fee of $100.00 will be charged.

  • In the event you cancel your reservation before 1 month, you will forfeit half of the TOTAL payment.

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Usage Information

SASDAC Members: 

For usage of the Fellowship Hall only—User must book a minimum of 2 hours; at $100 per hour, plus a technician fee of $20 per hour. The maximum rental block is 8 hours and must never go beyond 10 p.m. Beyond contracted time period; renter will be charged an overtime fee of $150 per hour.

A clean up fee of $150.00 is to be paid.

For Rental of the Hall and Kitchen (Warm-Up Only): Renters must book a minimum of 2 hours—$150 per hour plus technician fee of $20 per hour. The maximum rental block is 8 hours and must never go beyond 10 p.m. Beyond the contracted time period; renter will be charged an overtime fee of $200 per hour. Use of the kitchen is for warm-up purposes only.

Non-SASDAC Members:

 For Rental of the Fellowship Hall only:

Hall package per hour: Renter must book a minimum of two hours at $175 per hour, plus a technician fee of $20 per hour. The maximum rental block is 8 hours and must never go beyond 11 p.m. Beyond contracted time period; renter will be charged an overtime fee of $200 per hour.

A cleanup fee of $150.00 for the Fellowship Hall and $300.00 is to be paid.


For Rental of the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen (Warm-up Only):

Hall and Kitchen Package per hour: Renter must book facilities for a minimum of two hours at a rate of $250 per hour. The technician fee is $20 per hour. The maximum rental period is 8 hours and must never go beyond 10 p.m. Beyond the contracted time period; renter will be charged an overtime fee of $300 per hour. Cleanup—Please leave facility as you found it.


  • Please note the church does not provide supplies other than table and chairs in the fellowship hall.
  • All SASDAC tables must be covered with some form of tablecloth during use.
  • SASDAC tables or chairs cannot be removed out of the building at anytime.

I have read and received a copy of this contract including a copy of the rules and regulations regarding the use of the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church facility and agree to abide all conditions stipulated. I understand that I may forfeit part or all of my security deposit, if I or anyone in my party does not follow these rules and regulations while using any part of the church complex.





Minimum Hours

Maximum Hours

Overtime Fees


Complete Wedding Package

Free (Sanctuary only)



9 (Sundays)



(S, FH, K)







Sanctuary Only














Hall Only*




9 (Sundays)

$150/Hour M










Hall & Kitchen*




9 (Sundays)












Gym for Sports Events







Youth Room







Prayer Chapel










Audio Tech







Video Tech



















Sanc. only







Fellowship only







Wedding pkg.














Security Deposit













 Facilities Clean-up Checklist

 You have received authorization to use portions of the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church complex for your event. In an effort to maintain cleanliness, order, and security; you are asked to complete the following checklist and return it to the supervisor immediately after event. If you have failed to leave the facility clean and in order, it will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit or you may be charged the additional funds necessary to pay for damage/cleaning.

Date and time of event:       _____________________________________________

Areas to be used: ___________________________________________________

Did you find the facilities clean and in order upon your arrival?   Yes / No

If no, what problems were noted: ________________________________________________


At the conclusion of your event, ensure the following:

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

  • Table and Chairs properly stacked (7 chairs/stack) Yes       / No
  • Trash removed: Yes / No
  • Lights OFF:              Yes / No
  • All decorations removed:     Yes / No
  • Take all your supplies from the Kitchen       Yes/No

Sanctuary and Holding Rooms

  • Remove all decorations     Yes/No
  • Lights off                  Yes/No   
  • Holding Room Clean/Tidy Yes/No

Wedding Accessories

  • Returned Candlebra Yes / No
  • Returned Candle Lighters Yes / No
  • Returned Unity Candle Stand Yes / No
  • Returned Kneeling bench Yes / No