Street Children’s Day

Today happens to be International Street Children’s Day(and some countries and organizations celebrate this on January 31) just to make some of us aware that there are millions of children around the globe that live and survive on the streets. The country of our origin, India has over half a million children living on the streets. That is according to the statistics, but I am of the opinion that there may be much more.  In my recent visit to Mumbai, a mother testified in a house church as to how her speech-impaired child was kidnapped from her home and put on the streets of Mumbai to beg for food.  Fortunately, one of the friends of the mother spotted him in a different part of Mumbai and reported it to the mother and she along with friends and members of their house church went and brought him back and the boy was present as the member testified to God’s goodness in saving her child.  In my travels around India and Nepal, from Kerala to Kathmandu, Mizoram to Mumbai and all over, I see thousands of them on the streets.  They are also God’s lovely creation and deserve our love. Why doesn’t someone who is reading this blog start a campaign or a non-profit:  “Street to School.”  Or at least make a difference in one child.  I know organizations like my daughter’s, Christalis, continues to pick up children from the streets of Uganda and send them to school.  Well, I don’t want to just promote my daughter’s organization. You can pick anyone of the many that are around and make a difference in one or many as God has blessed you.  I have my own trust to educate children in memory of my only grandson, James Nair, who did not make it to this beautiful world.  One of my members told me that when he was visiting India, he along with his relative were in a restaurant when he noticed a lot of young people walking towards him.  He became very nervous and wondered if they would attack him and told his relatives that he was scared about the bunch of young people coming towards him.  His relative who manages his funds in India told him “These young people are the ones you have educated in India and they are all coming to just say thank you.”  This church member told me that this was one of the best moments of his life as he had never seen the hundreds he had already helped gain an education.  There is a similar story from another member of our church who always liberally gives towards education in Adventist schools.   Last week, Pastor John Daniel came to me with a list of ten names that need sponsorship in one of our schools.  I am praying and asking.   As you are aware, Pastor John does not like to ask.  I am beginning to make him like me, so that he will be shameless in asking.  May God move in our hearts to make a difference in one or in many or to even start a foundation: “Streets to School.”  
Shalom, Shalom! 
Pastor Franklin David
“See the invisible, hear the inaudible, believe the incredible, and think the unthinkable.” 

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