July 18-23, 2022
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Pre-registration ended
Register at the door 5:30pm-6:00pm 
Volunteer Registration Closed
Children who attend MAKE WAVES will find out what they can do now to change the world around them! They will learn that they have a God given purpose in life. That Jesus wants them to follow and trust Him.
It will be a week of fun with games, crafts, snacks, music & so much more!!
VBS Ages: 3-12
Teen VBS: 13-16 (16yr olds can choose to attend Teen VBS or Volunteer)
*Teen VBS will take a trip to Six Flags water park. 15 minimum registrations.
Teens will need to cover their own expenses for the trip. 
Prizes for:
• The first person to register online
• Pre-Registering
• Bringing a friend who has never attended our VBS before
• Coming on time
• Attending all 6 days of VBS including participating in the closing program on the 23rd
Parents’ Soccer during VBS from 6:15-8:55 on the field across the parking lot.
We are looking
To Borrow:
• Hula Hoops
• Kiddie Pools
• Beach Towels
• Boogie Boards
• Surf Boards
• Floatation Devices: tubes, arm floats, water wings, life jackets etc.
• White Beach Balls -2
• 1 Cup measuring cups
• Electric balloon pumps
For Donations:
• Empty disposable water bottles 8oz. and 16oz.
For more information please contact childrensministry@sasdac.org or text (240) 381-5169