Family Life Ministry of SASDAC exists to strengthen families and individuals through the abundant love and saving  grace of Jesus Christ by
  • equipping families with the Word of God to produce holy relationships
  • building families through discipleship and mentoring
  • caring for and supporting families in need of either physical or spiritual assistance
  • providing programs, events, and opportunities for spiritual renewal
  • helping families build a strong foundation with God as the head of the household

“Family” is inclusive of: Married, widowed, single, maried with or without children, young, elderly, single-parent families, families with special needs, step-families, and families in all lifecycles
Our activities include:
  • Annual family life weekend (February)
  • Family seminars
      • College readiness (May)
      • Family life (September / October)
      • Health and Nutrition
  • Family outings
      • Sabbath Afternoon nature walks with sundown worship
      • Sight and Sound show
      • Visit to the Bible Museum
  • Family support activities
      • Prayer support as needed
      • Reach out to families in need
      • Organize food trains when needed