March 11, 2020

DIVINE SERVICE: EVANGELISTIC SERIES by our Youth Pastor, Gerald Christo is from March 6-28. Please invite friends, neighbors and co-workers for these meetings.

Fridays @ 7:30 p.m.
Journey to the Heart of God

Saturday @ 11 a.m.
Death Defined

Saturday @ 5:00 p.m.
New Creatures in Christ

HERNDON CHURCH: Dr. Paulasir Abraham will be the speaker this Sabbath, March 14, 2020.

GOLDEN YEARS FELLOWSHIP for 65+ which meets on Wednesdays is cancelled for the month of March 2020 due to Coronavirus concerns.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH MINISTRIES – We have raised $3,915 for Rise Against Hunger, short of $2,885 to reach our goal of 20,000 meal by today, March 11, 2020. Your donations will help SASDAC community to be a partner in providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable. Please indicate “Rise Against Hunger” in the offering envelope when donating.


March 14
Volleyball Tournament at 7:30 p.m. – There will be a food sale.
The funds raised will go towards Rise Against Hunger.

March 21
Kid’s Church Social

March 28, Divine Service
The Southern Adventist University Wind Symphony

October 7-17:
India Evangelism in Jharkhand– Cost: $1500-$2000/person (includes airfare, local
travels, accommodation, meeting expenses etc.) If interested, please contact Church
office @301-879-7222. Volunteers needed: Week of Prayer/Revival Meeting
Speakers, Health Talk Presenters, VBS Coordinators, Sports Coaches and helpers etc.

November 3-12, 2020
November 12-16, 2020
EGYPT EXTENSION: . If interested, please contact the church office.
Pastor’s Blog
This morning I had my regular doctor’s visit. I was reading the latest Time magazine on Coronavirus and the article mentioned that the Doctor’s office is one of the places you will have to wear a mask as there maybe patients who have been exposed to the virus. So, I wore a N95 mask given to me by one my members for the Doctor’s visit. When the Doctor came into the examination room, he asked if I just returned from a country like Italy or China. I replied in the negative and he commented, “Then you don’t need to wear a mask.” I told him that the Time magazine article cautions us to wear a mask when we go to the doctor’s office. The doctor’s response was, “First of all you are not wearing the mask properly, and by wearing a mask you will be doing more harm than good.”
In times like these, fear grips us. The great historian Toynbee put it this way:
“Fear keeps us on our toes.” Fear is a terrible thing but it is an emotion instilled
in us by God. Therefore, having the proper amount of fear is important. Dr. Irving Jarvis did a survey of fear in patients recovering from surgery. His research revealed that patients who had crippling fear did not do well in recovery. Patients who had no fear of surgery also did not recover well. When troubles that they did not think about to hit them, they were not prepared and it impacted their recovery negatively. But those who had enough fear to ask the right questions about the surgery and the recovery process were the ones who did well with the surgery and the recovery process. So, take precautions, use Namaste or Namaskaram instead of shaking hands. If you are a senior prone to get sick easily, then stay home and watch us online but don’t forget to worship God with His tithe and your offering by giving online. But in the midst of all the challenges we face, let us never forget that God loves us and He will be with us. His word assures us: “Perfect love casts out fear.” In times like this, it means letting go and entrusting ourselves completely upon His promises. Someone put it this way, “The ocean is so great and my boat is so small, but if you know the Captain of the seas and you are willing to trust Him for your security, then the breadth and depth of the ocean will not matter. He who stilled the storms upon the seas 2000 years ago can still the storms in our life.”
Shalom, Shalom!
Franklin G. David

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