“Her children arise up, and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28
“…and the glory of children are their fathers” Proverbs 17:6

This ministry is catered towards parents beginning their parenthood journey, from their pregnancy stage up until any child is five years old. The goal of this ministry is to provide parents with young children a forum to connect with other new parents, to discuss how to raise children in the way of the Lord in these troubled times, to support each other during a significant and challenging stage of their lives, to share best practices on anything related to the upbringing of a child, and to build a strong community through both fun and informational events. In addition to serving the members of the church, this ministry will also be open to the friends and family of church members, as well as to the community.

The following details are requested for informational purposes and will be handled with the utmost care. This information will help us towards the development of the New Parents ministry.